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My ESL's Experience of Landing Cebu's Airport

After two hours of nightfall’s flight schedule, My aircraft with Cathay Pacific Airline had been landed in Cebu on 17th of Mar 2019. All the passengers arrived in this second large city of the Philippines, Cebu with various purposes.
And what’s mine? It would be a good question, right? The truth was that I selected one package of studying English courses for six weeks in QQ English school, To be honest, it will enhance my English skills or not. Let us keep focus to wait what will be my firsthand experiences in QQ to publish in my famous blog.  
Obviously, all the airline passengers with different norms arrived in Cebu. Indeed, part of them are real sightseers with a cheerful face, some of them are more likely people from the local place who were eager to go back to their hometown. The rest was just the same as me, and we will start our ESL(English as a Second Language) course next Monday.
Although I am just one of them, I was alone but I felt more peaceful than others,
To be a frequent traveler, I just filled out the Landing Card and Customs Form as usual, 
and lined up to pass the non-declaration Custom gate after I claimed my items of luggage.
During the Customs clearance process, I
found some changes when I visited Manila Airport last time, the customs officer treated me with slight politeness, the terminal building represents the bright atmosphere, even it’s not huge, but it remains bigger than my hometown airport, Taizhong airport in Taiwan.

When you pass through the duty-free stores and found out their showpieces, you could also acknowledge the economy in here still not too strong. Finally, I pass the exit of the terminal, as you know, there were numerous placards gather at the exit but one showed your name. Of course, it was not difficult to find your name, right! after that, I fully appreciated that xxx guided me to Globe Sim Card counter to install my local number with 4G but still had slow connection,  The school bus pick me up with the other seven freshmen who came from Japan, After 40 minutes of journey, my dormitory greeted me and ready to achieve my goal of leaving English…      
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